The big losers during the eclipse? Solar panels.


When the total solar eclipse hits on Aug. 21, it’s going to be quite the party. The problem? Solar panels need the sun. 

With the sun blocked, solar energy sources will be affected. More than 100 million solar panels are expected to be darkened, which will drop output by 20 percent — or the equivalent of all the energy the city of San Francisco uses in a week. 

Previous eclipses like the one that blotted out Europe in 2015 can give us a heads up on how much solar power will plummet. In Germany, output dropped from 14 gigawatts (GW) to 7 gigawatts, according to Gizmodo. Here in the states, solar production is about 45 GW. It helps that the eclipse won’t totally black out the sun over California and other states where the most solar energy is generated, so it won’t debilitate the power grid or anything. But it’ll still mess things up. Read more…

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