Elizabeth Warren In Fiery Speech Tells Trump: ‘Never, Ever, Going To Build Your Stupid Wall’ [VIDEO]

Elizabeth Warren is at it again. This time at the Marxist Netroots Nation conference. It’s the largest annual gathering of progressives in the country and Warren took the opportunity of course to grandstand and lay into President Trump. She bluntly put it this way: “And by the way, Mr. President, we’re never ever going to build your stupid wall!” And the commies went wild. She also vowed to protect illegal aliens and get rid of Trump’s Muslim ban, which does not exist. But it’s red meat to her base I guess and sounds good. She also attacked Jeff Sessions as a racist.

The wall was Trump’s biggest campaign promise. Over the last week, his aides have been trying to cut deals with the left to get funding for the wall through. It’s never going to work as you can see and hear from Warren. And we shouldn’t even try. You do not negotiate with terrorists and that’s what the left is anymore. We have control of the Senate and Trump has executive power. If he really wants the wall, it will happen.

From The Daily Caller:

In a fiery speech on Saturday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren went after President Trump and the wall he has pledged to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Mr. President, we are never, ever going to build your stupid wall!” Warren shouted during her speech at the 17th annual Netroots Nation conference.

The progressive lawmaker, who many believe has plans to run for president in 2020, rattled off a litany of grievances she has with the Trump administration and Republicans.

At one point, Warren went after her former Senate colleague, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him “a man too racist to become a judge in the 1980s.”

A border wall was a major theme of Trump’s presidential campaign. He not only said that he would build the structure along the 2,000-mile border, but that Mexico would pay for it. The Republican has had to revise that claim as Mexico’s president has insisted that his government will not pay for the wall. The Trump administration has also indicated that a fence, rather than a wall, will be erected in some places along the border.

On Aug. 3rd, Texas Sen. John Cornyn introduced legislation that would provide $15 million over four years for a border wall and the hiring of new Border Patrol agents. And that’s great, but we need a few billion, not a few million. But it’s a start. The fact is, Warren is all bluster and no bite. She’s merely doing political theater for votes and support.

Warren will never be elected. For some Dems, she’s not radical enough; for others, she’s too radical. And she’s a loon. She could never beat Trump or for that matter, most Republicans. So, she can call names and threaten all she wants… no one is buying it but her sycophants. We’ll just see about the wall. I hope Warren has a front row seat as it’s unveiled.

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