Company Releases “Crotch Charms” That Dangle Between Your Legs!

It is amazing what some people come up with. It’s also pretty amazing what sells. If you are into raunchy and jewelry, this just might be the next thing for you.

It seems a company in Japan is selling the next latest and greatest thing like hot cakes. They are called ‘crotch charms’. That’s right! I said crotch charms! Now you might be saying, ‘What in the heck are crotch charms?’ or ‘Why would I want a crotch charm hanging out from my bikini or underwear, when I just got a bikini wax?’ Why would I want something dangling between my crotch?

Well, it seems crotch charms are designed to hang from the crotch area of bikinis.  That’s right….dangling items from the crotch it seems is now an ‘in thing’.


Here’s the story from Chicks on the Right.


A company located in Tokyo, Japan called BoDivas, created the Beachtail’ crotch charms. They are priced around $20 bucks each.

So it seems ladies if you feel like you’re missing a little sumtin’ sumtin’ down there when you’re wearing a bikini bottom?  Here’s your answer.

 If you have ever wished you had bejeweled danglies hanging from your crotchular area, it seems…YOU ARE IN LUCK.



“But wait, Kimber! I don’t really have anything to um….”loop” that on!”

No, no, you silly girl! This is not a gypsy-inspired c*** ring! THIS IS CROTCH JEWELS FOR LADIEZ! YA’ WEAR IT LIKE THIS:


“Oooooooh! NOW I GET IT.”

Wow! So classy! So beautiful!

So anyway, if you want it to look like you have teeny tiny little jewel balls, or like your ~very elegant~  tampon string fell out of your bathing suit bottoms, I highly recommend this.

 (If you don’t want those things, I would stay far, FAR away.)

It’s called the “Beachtail,” and of COURSE they’re made in Japan – Land of Ultimate WTF-ery.

Hailing from Tokyo, the chunky chains are made to fit in a loop around the crotch area of bikini bottoms, with charms dangling from a couple of chains. Not just for bikinis, the “Beachtail” crotch charms can also be worn with regular underwear and panties, as designed by the firm that sells other salacious jewelry.

These little metallic charms are meant to be worn through the crotch of bikini bottoms, so the decorations dangle between a woman’s legs.

The jewelry ranges in price from $19.50 to $22.50, and the company promises that the item is listed as a ‘fashion strap’ on customs forms.

While the crotch charms might make sense in the bedroom, the company clearly suggests that this jewelry can be worn in public, too.

The Daily Mail article on ‘crotch charms’ has been shared more than 20,000 times and has gained more than 500 comments in less than 24 hours.

Lots of the feedback over the odd line of jewelry from BoDivas features people joking about just how uncomfortable the “Beachtail” crotch charms must be for those who wear the charms between their legs.

The metallic charms contain different colors of crystals that hang from the jewelry that’s been dubbed classy and original. It isn’t known just how comfortable or uncomfortable it might be to have the metal chains in such a delicate area, especially in light of any follicles that could get caught therein.

Enjoy the jewels! Crotch charms….they give a whole new meaning to ‘just hanging out’.

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