Capturing Seasonal Audiences with Google AdWords

Source: — Thursday, August 10, 2017
What is a Seasonal AdWords Campaign? Which holidays are the most important for your business? Maybe it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even Small Business Saturday . It is important to keep in mind that seasonal businesses do not necessarily revolve around a particular holiday but are only profitable during specific times of the year. Identifying seasonal patterns and how the audiences work within them is essential to making the most of your marketing dollars. For any seasonal campaign on Google AdWords, understanding the tools at your disposal is the key to profit. An AdWords campaign is usually made up of different ad groups all selling similar items or services. Each individual ad group uses different text based on keywords that a person may type in as a Google search query. With a seasonal AdWords campaign, marketers can create specific campaigns around a season, holiday, or special event within their company. Seasonal AdWords Campaign Tips Google owns some of the most helpful tools that can greatly improve your ad campaigns and ensure a higher chance of success for your company’s seasonal business. Learning How Your Customers Search In order to best capture your seasonal audience, you need to first understand how and when they search for your business. You don’t need to pay for expensive market research, instead use Google Trends to identify important information such as where most searches for your product originate or wh …

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