8-9 Central PA Live Flashback: Cooking For Joe

Source: http://www.tastydays.com — Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Dawn and KC cook for Joe on Valentine’s Day. how essential >> welcome back. it’s an italian celebration tore show. yesterday we told you about the big italian fiesta day. truth be told the segment made me hungry. why not share a delicious recipe for lasagna. this is when kc o’day and i made our own lasagan for joe murgo to enjoy. >>> this is for our very official guy joe murgo. we thought what better way to celebrate Valentine day than tasty treats. . >> yes. yes. we made the same tasty treats. we start off with the entree. he want will asagna for valentines day. >> he did. we made some delicious. he will still like it. is old family relates pooe. how famous is it? >> it has ricatta cheese the italians say. from my grandma’s recipe. i’m trying to not dirty any dishes. he has to do all the dishes. there is some little crumbles on top. >> what are the crumbles? >> what are they? >> they bread crumbs. it’s very secretty. — secretty. …

from Valentine http://www.tastydays.com/videos/8-9-central-pa-live-flashback-cooking-for-joe
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from Blogger http://thewarringtonnews.blogspot.com/2017/08/8-9-central-pa-live-flashback-cooking.html
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