An Apparently Drunk/High Malia Obama Had to be Carted Out of Lollapalooza! [Video]

It happens every year. Sometime in July or August in Chicago is a 4-day weekend event in Grant Park called Lollapalooza. It’s more like an escape from reality or excuse for young people to get high and/or drunk. Thousands come from not only the suburbs but from all over the United States to this insane and overpriced outdoor event where are they packed in tighter than sardines to listen to bands all day long or all weekend.

Tickets are usually somewhere around $150 per day. Most people either cram with friends in a hotel or take public transportation to the event. Everyone knows, including parents that this is an event where alcohol and drugs of all kind will be accessible to young people.

It seems for Lollapalooza 2017 was not much different than the past. Even though there was no Kanye or The Weeknd, there was Blink-182 and The Killers. There was also trending performers like Lorde, the XX and the local favorite, Chance the Rapper.

Sure there was a little rain, and even a band left in the dark, but it seems ‘fun’ was had by most all who attended Lollapalooza 2017 including even certain members of the Obama family. Did I mention that drugs and alcohol were available? Yep. It seems some kids are not so smart afterall, and the Obama kids are no exception.


Malia and Sasha Obama were so sweet, kind and respectful when they were in the White House as part of the first family. They seemed to be the perfect children, and were indeed someone that the youth of America could look up to.

Unfortunately, since her parents moved out of the White House, Malia Obama has been seen engaging in sketchy behavior that many American teens can relate to. Unfortunately for her, “many American teens” are not the children of a former President, and therefore don’t have cameras following them around.

And that’s how we learned that Malia had to be escorted out of Lollapalooza in a golf cart, seemingly high on some sort of drug. (Or drunk out of her mind. It’s hard to tell.)


In a video that was released by TMZ, the young Obama girl was seen going hard while dancing to The Killers. Many were quick to say that she was clearly on some mind-altering substance, as she fell to the ground during the performance and began flailing her limbs.

Watch the video below:

In a later video, we can see Malia being driven out of the music event on a golf cart, and she appears to be dozing off. There are many theories as to why she was seen nodding off. One is that she was on drugs, and was coming down from the high. Another one is that she was drunk and anyone who has ever had a drink knows that alcohol makes you tired. A third and less popular opinion is that (considering how hard she was rocking out) she wore herself out and needed a serious nap.

 Watch the video below:

It was also discovered that during her time at Lollapalooza, Malia lost her phone. Secret Service was forced to take her to the Apple store to find it.

Sounds like a great night, right? Get high! Get drunk. Lose your phone! Isn’t nice to see they still have Secret Service to rescue them from stupid things like this?

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

H/T Right Wing News

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