University gets an ‘F’ in spelling for this massive water tower typo


Wichita State University had two choices: change its name forever, or fix a noticeably large error that appeared on its water tower.

Early Friday morning, people on social media noticed that a water tower in Wichita, Kansas, painted with the Wichita State logo had a literally huge typo displayed on it.

Instead of reading “Wichita State University,” the sign said “Wichita Staty Universite.”

Ummmm. I think you’re doing it wrong

— Caitlin McGehee (@CaitlinMcGehee) August 4, 2017

Now, we all make spelling errors, even in the world of academia. So WSU, Wichita’s mayor, and others were able to laugh it off on social media while the situation got handled.  Read more…

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