Brexit fisheries BOMBSHELL: Gove vows EU fishermen can still use UK waters POST-BREXIT

Hands off OUR WATERS! UK fishermen to have 12-mile zone around coastline after Brexit

This was the headline Sun, Jul 2, 2017 to make clear the divorce policy  where BRITISH fishermen will have the exclusive rights to a 12-mile zone around the coastline under post-Brexit plans to “take back control of our fishing policy”. So which is it?

Apparently, both. Both sides of their mouths, that is – can’t even get a hook in it.

The Express is now reporting with video that MichaelGove has undermined the future livelihoods of British fishermen by promising the Danes access to UK waters even after Britain has left the European Union, in an interview during a visit to Denmark this week. “Danish fishermen will still be able to catch large amounts of fish in British waters, even if the British leave the EU.” Pretty direct there. Subject to change I imagine.


Elsewhere in the liarsphere: Mr Gove previously stated on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “When we leave the EU we’ll become an independent coastal state and that means we can then extend control over our waters to 200 miles.”  So: British fishermen will have exclusives to a 12-mile zone under post-Brexit and no longer be bound by the Common Fisheries Policy, stopping our near European neighbours from fishing within 200 miles from our coastline, asserting exclusive fighting rights within our own waters.

What do they say, good fences make good neighbors – or something?

Ukip’s fisheries spokesman Mike Hookem blasted the comments as nothing more than a bartering chip for the negotiations and; “Gove’s comments prove the Conservatives are not serious about regaining our fishing grounds and are instead looking to barter them away around Europe in return for Brexit concessions.”

“As in Edward Heath’s day, the Conservatives are doing nothing more than stringing the British fishing industry along with vague promises, when it is obvious they fully intend to sell Britain’s rich fishing rights back to the EU post-Brexit.”

Well said. And as we all know, fisherman have it so easy in this world, what with their swanky boats and posh lifestyle – a shake of their hand will tell you everything about how their lives are filled with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.. well, maybe the caviar dreams.

Selfish, averice, Britain First, greed, typical.


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