AT&T miraculously avoids choking on its own bullsh*t in net neutrality pledge


Every now and then a company manages to issue a statement so bursting at the seams with hypocritical bullshit that we’re forced to take a step back in awe. Today is such a day.

Because here’s the thing: AT&T, it seems, now fancies itself a passionate supporter of net neutrality — so much so that its Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs penned a lengthy pledge in favor of the July 12 net neutrality Day of Action

What’s the Day of Action, you ask? Well, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has oh so helpfully looked to weaken existing rules forcing internet service providers to treat all online content equally. Essentially, the FCC wants to trash net neutrality, and a bunch of nonprofits, companies, and advocacy groups are teaming up on July 12 to tell them no.  Read more…

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