Louis Vuitton wants to sell you an Android Wear 2.0 watch for $3,000

Something very odd comes out almost every time high fashion dabbles in consumer electronics. Expensive clothing brands are no strangers to high-priced tech accessories, and Louis Vuitton has already proven that it’s not afraid to ask a hefty sum for products that are generally quite a lot cheaper. Back in March, the brand introduced a $5,000 iPhone 7 case, and now it’s back with a $3,000 Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon is pretty much what you would expect from an average Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. It’s based on the most widely adopted …

from PhoneArena – News https://www.phonearena.com/news/Louis-Vuitton-wants-to-sell-you-an-Android-Wear-2.0-watch-for-3000_id95901
via Telephone Engineers

from Blogger http://thewarringtonnews.blogspot.com/2017/07/louis-vuitton-wants-to-sell-you-android.html
via Telephone Engineer Warrington


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