Maxine Waters’ Unhinged Rant Against Trump: ‘We’re getting played by our president’ [VIDEO]

Nothing is ever good enough for Maxine Waters. Let me preface this by saying that I thought President Trump’s speech in Poland was magnificent. He spoke out against Russia and the Polish people just adored him. Yesterday, he met with Putin and the first thing Trump asked him was about his intrusion into our elections. Of course, what Putin then did, was look President Trump in the eyes… and lie. That’s what he does. But Trump played the statesman… the diplomat. Putin wanted a private conversation for many reasons and Trump gave him that. But somehow, in all of this, I don’t think we are being played.

I’ve watched Trump. He plays a game where he will be congenial like he was with China and give them a chance. We are now backing off China because they have not kept their word. I sincerely hope that Trump does not lift sanctions against Russia. They have in no way earned that. As for a Syrian ceasefire… we’ll see if that holds. I think Trump is testing Putin and seeing if he will hang himself on his own words. Or course he would be polite and upbeat with Putin… you don’t go in there bristling for a fight and expect to get anywhere. That’s not how you play international politics, of which, Waters knows exactly zero about.

From TheBlaze:

Appearing on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA.) blasted President Trump on Friday night after his meeting at the G20 summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We’re getting played by our president and certainly we’re getting played by Putin,” Waters said during the interview. “I don’t like the idea that our president again would go into a room without any note-takers, without any staff, without others who should be in the room who really understand foreign policy … and come out of it saying how honored he is to meet with [Putin] and how, in fact, they’re going to start working together.”

She continued, “This is all about lifting those sanctions.”

Both leaders refused to litigate the past and instead focused on moving forward according to Rex Tillerson. That’s probably the only way they will get anything done, although given Russia’s track record, you certainly can’t trust them. If that means that Trump will get rid of sanctions, then I find that very disappointing indeed because it gives Putin the green light to proceed with his murderous ways. I do take issue with the ridiculous notion of the US and Russian setting up a joint team on cybersecurity… the Russians are actively attacking us with this type of warfare, so it’s insane to help them with it.

Tillerson was blunt… the US and Russia will probably never come to a resolution on Russia trying to interfere in our elections. And they will never stop. That’s why we have to stop them when it happens. I would be very curious to know what they discussed concerning North Korea. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Russia just blocked sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom at the UN.

Maxine Waters is convicting Trump before anything has happened here. I see yesterday as a diplomatic dance. She claims it was all about the sanctions… I have no idea, but I’ll be watching. The meeting lasted for over two hours, so obviously a lot was discussed. In my opinion, the meeting should have been more public, but it is what it is. Now, we will see what Trump does.

As for Maxine Waters, she needs to stuff a sock in it and go away. She’s looking for any excuse to impeach Trump and to denigrate him. The fact is, Russia is our enemy, but we have to work with them to a certain extent unless you want a nuclear war. Waters doesn’t care either way… she just wants to score political points off of Trump. What he is trying here probably won’t work… but at least he can say he tried.

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