ANOTHER Democrat Convicted of Voter Fraud! This Time a Texas Constable!

Constable Tyron Davis has resigned after an Ellis County, Texas jury on Friday convicted the Democrat of voter fraud.

Constable Davis had to surrender his peace officer license and resign his office. In return, he will not face any additional jail time.

He was convicted of six counts of voter fraud for failing to comply with properly signing a voter application and two counts of false ID as a peace officer.

Constable Tyron Davis has resigned after an Ellis County, Texas jury on Friday convicted the Democrat of voter fraud.

Ellis County prosecutors said Davis helped Waxahachie nursing home residents fill out requests for mail-in ballots without indicating he assisted them, as the law requires. All had the ability to legally make their own decisions but one of the women he helped had Alzheimer’s.

“It’s still debatable whether the people at the nursing home knew what they were signing when Davis showed up,” said Patrick Wilson, the Republican county and district attorney in Ellis County.

Constable Davis was elected after he was indicted in May 2016. Goes to show that liberals do not care about obeying the law.

The Dallas News reports:

The false ID charge stems from an ad in which Davis pasted his head on the body of an elected constable in Tarrant County in uniform. Davis was not an officer at the time. The ad appeared on Facebook and a flier given to the nursing home residents.

All the charges are misdemeanors.

The county discovered 18 mail-in ballot applications and 15 voter registration applications that were similar, according to court records. All 18 mail ballot applications left blank the box in section 11a that asks for an assistant or witness to sign if they help the voter fill out the form.

Davis agreed to resign and give up his license to avoid additional jail time after the jury convicted him. The maximum punishment he faced was one year in the county jail.

The Ellis County DA’s investigation into voter fraud began after officers from the agency that licenses police officers began looking into Davis about the Facebook ad, Wilson said.

Of course any Democrat will tell you that voter fraud is an imaginary conspiracy theory that Republicans use to be racist bigots.

That is not the only case of voter fraud Democrats are involved with in Dallas.

Earlier this year, dozens of ballots in bright green envelopes showed up at homes in West Dallas and Grand Prairie. The residents, all of retirement age, were confused. They hadn’t requested mail-in ballots for the May 6 municipal elections, but yet, here they were.

When those same voters called the Dallas County Elections Department, one by one, many were told the same thing: Your signature appears on the mail-in ballot application. And a guy named Jose Rodriguez signed it, too, saying he helped you.

“According to reports, dozens of voters received mail-in ballots they never requested,” their letter stated, which “suggests the possibility of a coordinated effort to benefit a candidate or candidates in the upcoming Dallas City Council elections.”

“I don’t know a Jose Rodriguez,” said Mary Milam, 67, who lives in West Dallas. “I’m angry. How are you just going to forge my name? That’s wrong.”

That particular case is ongoing.

Yeah, no Democrat voter fraud. It is just a figment of your imagination.

The second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign. Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.



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