Conservatives order immediate Grenfell Tower cover-up

Theresa May has pledged that there will be no time wasted in producing a comprehensive cover-up into the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire – satire from NewsThump:


“There are serious questions here about where responsibility for this fire lies,” said Mrs May after visiting the area for 15 minutes yesterday morning before her Zumba class started.

“Rest assured; I have ordered a complete cover-up of the answers to those questions to begin immediately.”

Successive governments have been criticised for the length of time taken to produce cover-ups on subjects from the Iraq War to electoral expenses.

Even so, producing a cover-up of an incident of the size and complexity of Grenfell Tower could take years, so it is possible that there may be an interim cover-up produced while the main cover-up is being finalised.

It is thought the Government will go for the whitewash form of cover-up, as opposed to the 3rd party blame form of cover-up.

Although it is a less convincing cover-up, it does mean that there is no 3rd party who can contest the findings.

Mrs May sought to reassure people that she would not let them down.

“We may treat our social housing and the people who live in it without any care or consideration,” she said.

“But we lead the world in covering up institutional failings.”


Peter Davenport ·

might have been funny if it wasnt so true. bastards
John Airey ·

Indeed. Public enquiries are usually staffed with barristers on the company’s side and the actual public don’t get representation. Very rarely anyway.
Dean Stockton

The cover up has already started
“It’s a fair cop”
John Cleese
“Too soon?”
Rodney Lee
Gary Mac
It’s satire folks. Designed for a little levity to stop you from screaming for a little while anyway. You may go back to screaming..

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