SICK: Liberals APPLAUD Republican Rep. Steve Scalise Being Shot And Justify It [VIDEO]

A nightmare unfolded in the morning sunlight during a Republican baseball practice session in Virginia today. James T. Hodgkinson took a rifle and a pistol to the field and started shooting. When it was all said and done, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in the hip, an aide was shot in the chest and one officer was shot. Both the aide and the officer will be fine. Scalise must have had an artery hit or something. He got through surgery fine, but he is in critical condition. The shooter is dead.

The hate from the left today has simply been unhinged. They have been calling the shooter a hero and praising the madman. Hodgkinson was a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders and hated Republicans, especially President Trump. Progressives started going on the Internet and went out of their way to suggest the victims deserved to get shot because they have the wrong views on gun control, Obamacare or Donald Trump. The statements were vile, sick and twisted. These people are not even human.

From Chicks On The Right:

Early Wednesday morning, a gunman opened fire on individuals participating in a congressional baseball practice. Five people were wounded, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. From what I’ve heard, he’s in surgery and in stable condition.

There are a ton of eyewitness reports out there. Sen. Rand Paul was in the vicinity and said, if not for armed officers, it would’ve been a massacre.

Rep. Ron DeSantis actually left the practice minutes before the shooting unfolded and described a weird encounter he had with a man, who asked if Republicans or Democrats were on the field.

We still have more questions than answers. This should be a time everyone– both Democrats and Republicans– unite. This shooting shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Some liberals get that. I’m not lumping them all together. However, there are others who are shamelessly attempting justify the suspect’s actions.

If a police detail of two officers had not been with Scalise, it would have been a bloodbath as no one was armed except the shooter and the police officers. The left is saying the Republicans deserve to die because they are taking healthcare away from people. Seriously? That’s a lie and vicious. These people have no humanity or soul. It has become so divisive out there and hateful, it’s become extremely dangerous now. You can just feel the murderous intent that is coming from the Marxists on the left. At this rate we’ll wind up in a civil war.

Who calls a shooter a hero like this? That’s sick. He’s not a hero or a martyr. He was an evil douchebag that deserved to be sent straight to hell where he belongs. The media and the leftists have brought this on with their incessant calling for Trump to be beheaded or assassinated. This was bound to happen. For instance, this guy writes for HuffPo. He previously published an article saying that Trump opponents were morally justified in wanting to commit violence against him:


The only thing he found wrong with today is that it was not properly organized:


This is who the left has become. They are violently out of control. I fear that the right has had enough and will take them on. But then again, when is enough, enough? Liberals showed how truly and deeply disturbed they are today and how evil and blackened their hearts have turned, all over politics. I’m ashamed that they are even called Americans.











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