HORRIFYING Moment Young Boy KILLS 13-Year Old Girl Accidentally While Streaming LIVE On Facebook

This is not a tragedy I’d wish on anyone, no matter who they were. I cannot imagine losing a child in this way, and never being able to have any sort of closure on the whole thing. This is the horrifying moment a 13-year old boy accidentally shoots dead a 12-year old girl while it’s being streamed live on Facebook.

There are almost no words for to describe the utter anguish that will be derived from this tragedy, and we can only hope that there will be divine comfort brought upon those that are left heartbroken from all of this.

Footage captured by one of the youngsters in the room shows the boy pointing his father’s gun at the girl, named locally as Georgina Magalí Vega. Believing it to be unloaded, he can be seen pulling the trigger a number of times.

Just seconds later the harrowing video captures the sound of a shot. It later emerged that Georgina had been killed instantly when the weapon was fired.

According to local reports, the horrifying incident unfolded on Facebook Live in the middle of the afternoon.
At the beginning of the clip, the boy can be heard saying ‘Look at this. A shell. I load it and I shoot you but you don’t die.’

Georgina then jokingly replies: ‘Do you see blood or something?’

Moments later the shotgun is fired before the boy and two other friends start screaming ‘Georgi’ repeatedly.

A girl asks ‘what have you done?’ before another child says ‘her parents are going to kill us.’

In panic, the children then run out of the house.

Georgina is believed to have been the only daughter of a man in Santa Rosa de Calchines.

Argentinian media say the gun belonged to the boy’s father and that it was not unusual for people to own guns in the town, which is near a popular hunting area.

Police have launched an investigation, but they are working on the theory that the death was a tragic accident.

She is the only daughter of a single father who may never find peace from what has happened to her, who never got to say good-bye, and who might be wondering “what if” for the rest of his life.

What if I didn’t let her go over and play? What if I stayed there to watch over them? What if I had remembered to tell her I loved her? What if this is my fault?

Haunting words to live with.

May God bless this father with divine comfort and healing.

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