Women in Sport: ‘Out on Instagram: Are Elite Sportswomen Changing What Coming Out Looks Like?’, by Danielle Warby

Source: theliftedbrow.com — Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Image copyright Lyndall Irons . Used with permission. This essay is the fourth in a week-long series exploring women’s experiences in sporting culture. It’s Valentine’s Day 2017. Chloe Logarzo and Jasmine Peters are celebrating their first anniversary and have joined me for a chat about their relationship over a cup of tea and under the flightpath in Sydney’s inner west. Chloe is a footballer currently plying her trade in Norway. She’s a member of the Australian national team, the Matildas, and has recently returned from Rio an Olympian, Olympic ring tattoos and all. Jasmine represents New South Wales in softball and has just started a stint in the national league in the Netherlands. We’ve come together to talk about a relatively recent phenomenon I have noticed and of which they are a part – elite sportswomen are opening up about being in same-sex relationships. For some, you need to read between the lines, or pick up on subtle and not-so-subtle cues they’re putting out there. For others, like these two, there is no ambiguity. A post shared by Jasmine Peters (@jaassy) , May 2, 2017. Unless you’re a hardcore women’s sports fan, you may not know about this, because these stories are not unfolding in the mainstream media: it’s all happening on Instagram. Something you may well have noticed, however, is that the issue of homophobia in sport is gaining more traction. Rightly so, but a lot of the conversation so far is focused on male …

from Valentine http://theliftedbrow.com/post/160788222087
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from Blogger http://thewarringtonnews.blogspot.com/2017/05/women-in-sport-out-on-instagram-are.html
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