WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Interrupts Sean Spicer In The Middle Of Press Conference

Sean Spicer had a surprise visitor today while he was sparring with the media during a press conference… Rob Gronkowski poked his head into the room and offered to help the beleaguered Press Secretary. I suspect that was staged, but it was still funny and a surprise for the media. The New England Patriots were visiting the White House and President Trump today fresh off their Superbowl win… minus a few players. Most notably, star quarterback Tom Brady. It’s a shame he canceled at the last moment. But it didn’t stop everyone from having a good time and some laughs as seen here.

Rob asked Spicer if he needed some help. Spicer declined and said he thought he had this. To which Rob asked if he was sure. And Spicer said maybe… grinning, he said he’d join him in a minute with the President. Way to make an entrance and play the moment. The stunt added some levity to a day full of military and geopolitical intrigue. “How do you follow that?” Spicer added before resuming the briefing. He didn’t seem to have a bit of trouble though handling any of it.

From Western Journalism:

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has participated in his share of trick plays and on-the-field surprises.

None, however, is likely to rival the surprise achieved in a visit he made Wednesday as the Super Bowl champion Patriots were welcomed to the White House to meet with President Donald Trump.

Gronkowski poked his head into the press room as White House press secretary Sean Spicer was undergoing his daily round of jousting with the White House press corps.

“You need some help?” Gronkowski asked the stunned Spicer, who is a New England fan, as the press corps turned its focus away from Spicer towards the New England star.


“I think I got this, but thank you,” a grinning Spicer replied.

“You sure?” Gronkowski added.

“Uhh, maybe … ,” Spicer answered. “Thanks man, I’ll see you in a minute.”

Gronkowski then left and returned to the team’s celebration with the president.

“That was cool,” a still-grinning Spicer said as he took a moment at the podium to switch gears.

It was definitely a viral moment. I’ll bet President Trump, Spicer and the team had a ball (pun intended) with that one. Gronkowski loves the limelight and doesn’t mind hamming it up for regular folks. He’s also mischievous and a scamp. The whole encounter was hilarious and Spicer loved it. So did the press.

The team’s White House visit also came on the sad day that former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez apparently killed himself in his prison cell. He hanged himself and was found by guards. He was serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. So, it was a somber day as well. How far he fell and what a tragic end. It was a waste of a gifted life.


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