Utah Rep. Chaffetz Says He Won’t Run for Re-election!

Conservative stalwart Jason Chaffetz stated that “I really meant it when I said I was going to get in, serve and get out.”, he is getting out!

He said he would term limit himself and he is doing just that! It seems he will take a break from politics, spend some quality time with his family, and then look to see what he does next!

When asked about going for the governorship of Utah, Chaffetz said it is a possibility but he’s not willing to commit one way or another.

“I’m trying to leave the door open for possibilities down the road,” he said.

Utah Rep. Chaffetz Says He Won’t Run for Re-election!


Public office is a HUGE sacrifice, especially for one’s family. I respect his stance.

“It’s a tough decision. I love serving in Congress, but I love my family more,” Chaffetz said in an interview Wednesday with KSL Newsradio in Salt Lake City.

In a statement on Facebook, Chaffetz noted: “I have long advocated public service should be for a limited time and not a lifetime or full career. Many of you have heard me advocate, “Get in, serve, and get out.” After more than 1,500 nights away from my home, it is time. I may run again for public office, but not in 2018.”

Chaffetz recently took a hard-line stance on North Korea, stating he stood firmly with Vice-Presidednt Mike Pense. Like Pence, he went face-to-face at the border between the North and the South:

I think Vice President Pence is exactly right; we can’t sit back and hope they don’t develop nuclear capability. We know that we are going to do it,” Chaffetz said to 2News. “And they also say they want to bomb the United States of America and we should believe them, and make sure that threat never becomes a reality.”

In his visit to the zone, Chaffetz came face-to-face with a North Korean soldier.

The guard stared him down through a window and took pictures of him during a meeting in a building that sits between the two countries.

Chaffetz said the days of waiting for action are over.

“This sit-back attitude of hey we won’t do anything, has empowered some of our worst enemies around the world and we want nothing but peace. We don’t want war. We are trying to prevent war, but I do believe in peace through strength.”

Chaffetz said the president doesn’t need to ask Congress about going to war if there is a clear and present danger to the United States.

“We have but one president. You can’t have 535 people trying to make decisions on how to do a military strike. If there is clear and present danger to the United States, the president should react immediately and decisively,” Chaffetz said.

Chaffetz has been a bulldog for sure. He has stood hard to investigate everything from Benghazi to Obama’s scandal ridden Secret Service. He has served well. We could use hundreds of servants just like him. He has always taken his role of a servant seriously, never trying to be a master.

He deserves a well earned break and his family deserves to have his time! Thank you, Sir, for your service!


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