Muslim Shoots And Kills Three In Fresno, CA While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ [VIDEO]

Three people in three different locations in Fresno, California were gunned down by a Jihadist today. This took place in downtown Fresno. Kori Ali Muhammad, who is 39, was wanted for a previous murder at a Motel 6 last week. He surfaced today and went after white people, who he stated that he hates. When he was arrested, he was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’. Then he was tackled and cuffed. His victims were random.

Muhammad actually shot at four white men, but was only able to kill three today. At the Motel 6 shooting last week, he killed a security guard. He tried to kill a second one, but ran out of ammo. He is facing four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Muhammad had expressed dislike of whites and the government in his Facebook posts. Two of the people that were shot outside Catholic Charities, on Fulton Street just north of downtown, may have been clients of the social service agency, not employees. The third victim was a passenger in a Pacific Gas & Electric truck. A fourth man was shot at, but not injured.


Three people are dead in a shooting spree in downtown Fresno on Tuesday, and the suspect was wanted in connection to the Motel 6 killing last week, the Fresno Police Department said.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as police tackled him to the ground after the shootings which were spread over four locations, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The victims appeared to be random, Dyer said.

Shot Spotter detected the first gunshots around 10:45 a.m. Muhammad shot into a Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) vehicle killing the passenger. The driver sped away and drove to Fresno Police headquarters.

Muhammad continued walking and opened fire at a local resident but missed. Shortly after, he encountered another resident and shot and killed that person.

He then continued to the area of Catholic Charities where he shot and killed a person in the parking lot.

The Jihadist walked up to a PG&E truck at about 10:45 am and shot the passenger repeatedly. The driver of the pickup then sped to Fresno police headquarters on M Street. The second shooting was only a few seconds later and was at Van Ness and Mildreda Street, where the gunman shot at. but missed a resident. The gunman then turned onto Fulton Street and fired several rounds at another man, striking and killing him. After reloading at a bus stop, the gunman then shot and killed a man in the parking lot of Catholic Charities in the 100 block of North Fulton Street. That’s cold… this guy just calmly reloaded and kept on killing.

Officers responding to the initial shots that were reported found Muhammad running south on Fulton. He dove to the ground and yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he was taken into custody. Although police found rounds of .357 caliber bullets and speed loaders for a revolver when Muhammad was taken into custody, no weapon was found. Police are saying it is too soon to call it terrorism. No… it’s not. This was terrorism and a hate crime as well. Call it what it is already. He was also tweeting ‘Allahu Akbar’. Seems pretty clear exactly what this was.




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