Sneak Preview: Doug Valentine’s Life and Times of a South Vietnamese Special Police Officer

Source: — Friday, April 07, 2017
Coming Next Week! The Special Branch of South Vietnam’s National Police force functioned like the FBI, conducting counter-intelligence and criminal investigations. Its primary function, however, was infiltrating and suppressing the Communist Party, as well as the nationalist political parties and factions that opposed the US-backed governments and military juntas that existed from 1955 until 1975. In these endeavors, the Special Branch was entirely funded and advised by the CIA. And for that reason, the voices of Special Police officers have been censored from American history books about the Vietnam War. Not only does the CIA (and its proponents in academia) suppress their story, Special Branch officers have engaged in self-censorship for personal reasons. Special Branch officers were among a select group of “high-risk” Vietnamese officials admitted to the US as political refugees when the Vietnam War ended in 1975. At the time, the anti-war movement vilified them as murderers, drug traffickers, and extortionists who had engaged in massive political repression. In 1975, Representative Elizabeth Holtzman (D-CA) introduced legislation that would have prevented any such “undesirables” from coming into the US. Centered in Orange County in California, these former businessmen, politicians, and high-ranking military and Special Police officers have maintained their privileged status, as well as the exile community’s cohesion, by enfo …

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